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Electrola was established in the early 1970s and has provided fine copper wire to leading home applience and cable manufacturers. It completed its activity at the end of the 90s, and then in the beginning of the 2000s, it started its activities again to meet the needs of the Gastronomy sector by providing innovative instruments under the name of ÖRKA Gida.


Expert Serisi Sous Vide
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What is Sous Vide?

Even though Sous Vide means in French as Under Vacuum, Precise Temperature Cooking will better describe this cooking technique.

The food is placed in vacuum bags that suitable for the sous vide cooking process and vacuumed then cooked in a water bath at desired temperature.

The vacuuming process ensures that the food remains completely intact and allows to cook evenly in every aspect, and not to lose its nutritional value.

Vakumlama işlemi hem yiyeceğin tamamen tamemen suyun içerisinde kalmasını ve her yönüyle eşit pişmesini sağlarken, besin değerinden de birşey kaybetmemesini sağlıyor.